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Stylnove is able to design, wax and create tailor-made projects for designers and retailers, also using advanced technologies, such as 3D printers. 


Stylnove Ceramiche specializes in the design and customized production of custom-made interior and lighting accessories, for which we have received recognition throughout Europe and the world thanks to our quality, punctuality and refinement. 

Consultancy, design, creation of lighting and furnishing accessories: with Stylnove you can furnish hotels, residences, public and private premises, wellness, boats, offices, exhibitions, and much more.

Stylnove is able to provide the necessary contribution to solve, in its entirety, any intervention for lighting and furnishing accessories.

The service that the company can provide starts from consulting in solving technical problems of rationality and functionality, up to the design and supply of what is produced, using materials and objects both of series production and above all custom-made, designed specifically for the customer in a way totally confidential. All this with the quality of Made In Italy that has always distinguished Stylnove.

The company makes use not only of a very effective operation, but also of an internal technical study, sometimes integrated by the participation and collaboration of architects and designers of the sector who have many years of experience in both planning and organization. This collaboration allows our company to offer further services, such as:

- the determination of costs and preliminary estimates;

- feasibility studies and project execution;

- the execution of decorative details and samples;

The experience gained in recent years, notable and diversified both in types and in working methods, has been acquired by working personally for architectural firms, contract companies and large companies in the sector, taking care of the execution of particular samples, of special furnishing accessories and complete lighting supplies both in Italy and abroad.


We customize every detail,

we can do it because we are also producers.

For example we can have the colors from


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